Trade Promotion Competition
Licence No.: 54483-4
In a bid to encourage participation in the vaccination drive in Hong Kong and to facilitate the economic recovery, CMA is rolling out the “Take Your Shot” Incentive Campaign (The Campaign). The Campaign consists of three parts: Special Offers, Lucky Draw and Gift Donation.

Friendly Reminder:

  • Please make sure your mobile operating system has been updated to the latest version
  • To ensure that you have been fully vaccinated, you need to scan or upload the QR code from your vaccination record (the electronic record can be downloaded from or eHealth app). The QR code image must be clear
  • Alternatively, you can choose to enter your vaccination record reference number which is shown in your electronic vaccination record or at the left bottom corner of your paper vaccination record
  • If you want to update or revise your vaccination records stored in the MyeHealthPass system for the fulfillment of Lucky Draw requirements, please delete your account first (select “Close Account”) and then recreate a new one by using your latest vaccination record
  • Persons who have recovered from COVID-19 can send an email to for one-on-one help after completing the registration process
  • Please remember to go to the "Lucky Draw Tickets" page to check if you have obtained the Lucky Draw tickets
  • For non-tech savvy seniors, please call 2542-8600 for assistance. If necessary, please make prior appointment before coming to our office

You are advised to seek medical advice before getting vaccinated. When you are ready, you can book your vaccination appointment via the Government's website at

Organiser and Sponsors

Service sponsors
Chan Wing Kee / Chan Sui Kau Charitable Fund
Dr Shi Lop Tak, Allen
Dr the Hon Yu Sun Say, Jose
Dr Ma Kai Yum
Tang To
Dr Chan Kwok Man, Edward
Ng Kwok On, Dennis
Leung Siu Yin, Jackson
Dr Chan H K, Michael
Dr Chiu C B
Lui Chun Fan
Johnny Yu
Yeung Chi Hung, Johnny
Dr David Hui
Lok Chi Hung
Liu Siong Song
Lau Chi Wing
Diana Wong
Juliana Yu
Lam Chi Keung, Ricky
Chuang Ka Pun, Albert
Ng Ching Wun
Dr Wong Wai Hung, Ellis
Lee Jai Ying
Dr Wong Chun
Wu Wing Kui, Shirley
Li K W, Johnny
Dr Wan Tak Fai, Danny
Leung Wai Ho, Eddie
Chan Yiu Hung, Jimmy
Lee Wai Chung, Charlie
Lo Wing Bong, Benjamin
Caroline Ho Wong
Chin Yiu Tong
Lee Kam Hung, Arthur
Cheung Wing Hung, Philip
Lau Chung Ming
Yeung Chuen Sing, Eric
Zhang Hwo Jie
Wong Yau Fai
Dr Shih Ching Hsien, Terence
Ng Bik Kwan, Jennifer
Pong Chiu Yee, Dario
Fu Sing Yam, William
Dr Chan Hei Ling, Helen
Lo Chi Kong
Chong Yue Kwan, Jerry